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Welcome! Please take time and go through our website, everything you find here is all provided to moving you ahead. OBM MERCHANDISE LTD is one of the fast growing import and export company in Nigeria today.


What We Do

We specialize in import and export of Agro allied commodities such as Wood charcoal, import of lithographic materials such as printing plates, digital films, blankets, Inks, Chemicals, machine parts and various products.


This OBM Merchandise Ltd

Our Featured Products

Lump Wood Charcoal
Our restaurant-grade lump wood charcoal offers the finest heat source for barbecues. This charcoal is entirely sourced from sustainable forestry and exclusively from native trees.

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Lithographic Materials
We deal in Lithographic printing plates like Lap v, Kord, Sord, 889 X 607, Films, Printing compressible blankets in 201, kord, sord, Speed master, Various bar blankets e.t.c. Printing inks, Matrix and several other Printing Materials.

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Biomass materials
Biomass is the organic material produced by plants such as stalk, microbial, leaves, and dung which is good for fuel use creating energy in household, factory or transportation.

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