Lump Wood Charcoal

Our restaurant-grade lump wood charcoal offers the finest heat source for barbecues. This charcoal is entirely sourced from sustainable forestry and exclusively from native trees. We only use selected hardwoods to elaborate the right mix which minimizes smoke, sparks and keeps the pure scent of natural charcoal. Our lump charcoal is made only with logs which have been selected cuts grown under regulated forest regeneration programs. The dense subtropical wood species mix we use makes for a charcoal of premium quality with high caloric output and long lasting burn

Our Natural Lump Charcoal is totally clean of fines, dust and small particles, after being fully screened before packing. We pack 20 to 80 mm (BBQ GRADE) lump sizes in bags up to 32 Kg and 40 to 150 mm (RESTAURANT GRADE) size in 11 to 20 Kg bags. Strong multilayer Kraft, polypaper or polypropilene bags, are available to print private labels; attractive and appealing designs are also available under generic brand names.

Our Features

  • Product made out of natural hardwoods not threatening any delicate ecosystem
  • It burns hotter and last longer than any other hardwood charcoal
  • Good Carbon grade and low moisture
  • Carefully graded in either RESTAURANT or BBQ grade

Our Specifications

  • Dimensions: 20 - 80 mm (BARBEQUE GRADE), 40 - 150 mm (RESTAURANT GRADE)
  • Humidity: Max 8 %
  • Fixed Carbon: Min 70 %
  • Ashes: Max 5 %
  • And we also load to containers in bulk.