About Us

OBM Merchandise Ltd is a registered company in Nigeria. A registered member of Nigerian Export Promotion Council. We specialize in production and trading of Agro allied commodities, lithographic materials, machineries, machine parts and several other products.

Established in 2002, we have proven track records in the production and sales of Wood charcoal, Biomass materials, Palm oil and some other agricultural products. Sales and supplies of lithographic materials such as printing plates, Digital films, blankets, Inks and chemicals, litho- sponges, machineries, machine parts and various products to our clients locally and internationally.

We also provide haulage and logistic services to various parts of the country. We parade teams of dedicated and highly skilled staff at our different sites that work relentlessly to meet the demand of our clients. We also have strong relationship with financial institutions that has span over the years which enables us to meet demands on time.